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Re: C-Reality in Chicago at i^3

At 4:44 PM -0500 10/19/99, icubed wrote:
>   We look at a CRT as not more
>expensive but it is a relatively cheap cost for real 2k and 4k.

Well, I dont want to get too much into this, but the C-Reality is not 
yet capable of 4k, to my knowledge.

On the other hand, a compositor friend has mentioned seeing odd grain 
artifacts at 2K from a Spirit xfer which he attributes to the 1920 -> 
2048 upsampling. I'd  welcome more testing for this.

As I said before: we've gone from no *good* telecines to two or more 
telecines which are better than I could ever (well, almost) have 
imagined. You pay your money and you take your choice.

I hope all companies concerned "live long and prosper", the 
competition serves us all.

As I also said before, INFORMED debate is a lovely thing. If you've 
heard something, don't repeat it 5th hand. Please try to limit it to 
you or your artists' experience. Otherwise we're no better than the 
Internet rumor mill.

And yes, it looks like you'll get a chance to air your views on HD 
via the survey (comment please, Rob?). I hope you'll be even more 
frank and forthright knowing that confidentiality is assured.

Mike (the statistician) Orton

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