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Re: 2K

Chris and all,
     Thanks for the caveats regarding the 2K.  I know the device is
really in its earliest stages and will take a lot of work on my part as
well as daVinci's.   I'm not expecting a rosy beginning, but I am
expecting to get up to speed on it as fast as I can and I'm expecting
daVinci to continue to improve it.  Believe me, I'll be here reporting
on my pratfalls as well as my successes, and I bet I start out with more
     New stuff takes some time to mature.  I think I'm most excited
because I'm coming in to the 2k at a relatively early stage of its
development.  I've never been with a facility that kept so close to the
state of the art before. Only two and a half years ago I was driving a
MkIII with a classic daVinci.  One week from now we'll be installing a
2k for our Spirit; it still amazes me how far I've come in such a short
time.  I can't say I ever got to "master" the DUI, though I did get
quite comfy with it.  Now the NUI (New User Interface) is coming in, and
I'm remembering how I felt not that long ago.
     I appreciate it that colorists who have already had experience with
the unit have been warning me of its pitfalls, as well as some of its
nicer features.  The TIG continues to be a great resource, and I hope I
will be able to help others make the adjustment down the road as other
facilities upgrade. 
     Thanks to everybody and best wishes to all,
Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post and Transfer
Cherry Hill, NJ (Philadelphia market)
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