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Re: 2K - data solutions

>The product is new
> enough to still have a few growing pains, so I don't want to protest too

This is very true with all the equipment in our industry, and Chris you are
being responsible and professional. Manufacturers are pushing the envelope
to deliver these tools and there is always some beta aspect to new product.
It's sad when people lose faith in manufacturers to come up with the goods
even though they have achieved so much over the years, but these are
different times and we are all under pressure with clients, this is the real
world. It's also hard for newcomers to bring product out. Some of the large
manufacturers have a lot of power in this industry and can apply lot's of
pressure. It's hard to beat a cartel. Threatening their customers makes my
blood boil. I've had plenty of it done to me.
I remember having the first Flame/onyx system  and all it's problems, the
sleeping on couches in the suite baby sitting it, we kept faith and look at
this product now. Constructive feedback is so cool, working with the
designers to shape the tools, mutual support and respect, this is how it
should be.
I started this "no opinion" thread to give the TIG a shake and it has
certainly made it a more open list which is great.

Moving on.....

The whole data issue worries me whether or not it has a capital 'K'. I see
manufacturers going different ways with different solutions. It would be
great if there was some way there could be a common technology, that is,
consistency between vendors.
DaVinci buying Sierra was intriguing and made sense and Post Ware being set
up was a surprise. This can all be confusing to the end user. Some SMPTE
standard on data delivery mechanism to disk from scanning systems could be
useful. At least it would be a point of reference even if ignored. Maybe it
is too late. The DPX format has been a useful standard to some degree.
What do people think?



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