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Pedantry as a way of life

At 9:24 AM -0700 10/20/99, bill topazio wrote:

>Also, I think K is degrees Kelvin....
>Hey, if we can't wax pedantic on the TIG, where can we?  We'd all 
>have to go over to Mike-O's house!

Now look here, Topazio, if you're going to imply pedantry on my part, 
I'm going to have to live up to the epithet.

Let me be the first, then, to point out that there is no such thing 
as "degrees Kelvin". It's just "Kelvin".

Concerned TIG'rs need not fret. Such trite displays of exactitude 
will not sully the TIG survey (much). I'm still open to suggestions 
for questions as well. I've already received some good ones.

And yes, Bill, you of all people are most welcome at my house!

Mike (in terminological exactitude physicist mode) Orton

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