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John Sprung wrote:

    Word I heard from two different post houses here in Los Angeles
    (folks who don't talk to each other) both say that when you run
    film on the machines they had, there's less on the roll when you
    take it down than was there when you put it up.  The film gets a
    little narrower, and the part you get to keep came from the edges.

    Both returned the machines for that reason.

I think he is refering to the CReality problem of shedding small amounts
of film on the skid plate.

As the owners of 2 C-R's we are also aware and concerned with this
problem, which Cintel has a solution to, but to my knowledge it was not
the reason for returning the machines. Those facilties should speak for
themselves (actually one has and it was a client preference, not
technical issues that brought about the return)

As to the differences in the look and the performance of the two
systems, both make excellent images and the individual facilities must
make the best business decision for themselves based on the work they do
and the tools available.

It would seem that Philips has recognized a certain need to upgrade
their product by their development of the Spirit 'II' or whatever it
will be called and I'm sure Cintel is far from done with the development
of it's features for CReality. Anyone that parks in one camp and says it
has the 'end all' technology is shooting themselves in the foot!

Ron Martin
Universal Studios HD Telecine Center

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