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alumnus imagery


I had an opportunity to transfer some footage shot by our own John Sprung
today. "America Screams" is a 16mm documentary starring Vincent Price on
the excitement of Americas roller coasters. My client was telling stories
of how John would have the cameras spilled into hundreds of pieces in the
hotel room the night before the shoot, making sure every piece was in
working order. Is it true, John? How about the way the cameras were mounted
on the tracks. I understand it was a regular oil spill out there every day.

Twenty years later, your past catches up with you. This film was
transferred for stock licensing purposes from the original reversal A and B
rolls, the session was buried on top of a 'paying' job that the client
brought in. I was surprised that there was any green channel at all.
Amazingly, it looked really well through a Spirit, daVinci 2k, and hi-def
signal path thru to a down converted digital betacam.

I hope my past doesn't catch up with me. I still cringe at the CRT tube
dirt that I used to look the other way at.


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