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Re: areas to consider for survey

At 8:58 AM -0400 10/27/99, Smith, Frank wrote:
>	Please do not forget that there are lots of transfer units in the
>United States that are not near an ocean.  Chicago-Detroit-Dallas-Denver etc

Yes indeed, thanks for your vote. I'm aware of the level of post in 
these areas, and I would like to try to incorporate these into 
several meaningful general areas.  How about (for the US areas) East 
Coast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest , Northwest and West Coast? I 
don't want to make the regions too small so that we capture less than 
10 post houses.

For the same reason, I'll probably segment into West Canada, East 
Canada, Central America and South America, not because I don't think 
there is anything going on there, but because of the likely 
readership of the TIG from those areas. I haven't worked out how to 
do Europe, Asia and Oceania yet. All suggestions for this and other 
questions are very welcome. I'm hoping to get the survey out within 2 


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