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Re: alumnus imagery

> My client was telling stories
>of how John would have the cameras spilled into hundreds of pieces in the
>hotel room the night before the shoot, making sure every piece was in
>working order. Is it true, John?

The show was shot on an Arri 16 BL and an Arri S with 100 foot loads for some
of the coaster mounts.  I did pull and clean all the BL mag throats every night,
but there's nothing unusual about that.  Any sprocketed mag should be torn down
regularly, and immediately after a rollout, because the folded end will
pick a perf and leave a chip behind.  That's especially true of the 2-C.

> How about the way the cameras were mounted on the tracks.

The coaster mounts were mostly just angle plates, bolts, and C-clamps, tied
off with sash cord.  The BL on the hi-hat and head would vibrate if it didn't
have sash cord tension holding it.  With opposing bowlines and a Magnus hitch,
you can get sash cord much tighter than bungee cords.  The only semi-interesting
track setup was when I stood between the tracks shooting the coaster train head
on with the S, and dropped down just in time.  That bothered my producer.  ;-)

The real innovation (for 1978) was that I got a Nautical Almanac and some
navigation books, and figured out for each location where the sun would be
hour by hour on the shoot day.  That's helpful in planning when you're
working with sunlight and large structures.  GPS got everybody thinking
about this, and now there's softvare to predict both the sun and moon.

>This film was
>transferred for stock licensing purposes from the original reversal A and B
>rolls, the session was buried on top of a 'paying' job that the client
>brought in.

Very interesting.  So, who was the client?  Will I be seeing any of my deferred
money?  ;-)

>I was surprised that there was any green channel at all.
>Amazingly, it looked really well through a Spirit, daVinci 2k, and hi-def

I'd like to see it in HD.  Better yet, I also have the only known surviving
print of "Torpedo Bay", which I'd like even more to see in HD....   ;-)

-- J.S.

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