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Re: A Week of Changes

At 10:20 PM -0400 10/29/99, Robert Lovejoy wrote:

...all about his week o'installs

Mike Orton sez:

Robert, what took you guys so long?
We heard at 3pm  one Friday over at 525 that Dwaine Maggert from 
DaVinci would be bringing Jais's  2K over at 6pm. Dwaine, Dan 
Dilonardo and myself put it (and its outboard TLC thingy) in before 
2am same night.

As you guys so quaintly put it over here: "Wham, Bam thank-you Ma'am"  ;-)

Mike (Mr. Freelance) Orton

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|   which is the proper judge of the man."                |
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