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Transfer Questions

>How many feet of framing chart?

     We seem to be migrating to a practice of transferring 10 seconds at the
head of every camera change series... ie. setup rack for the A camera, roll
10 seconds of it, then transfer all the A dailies, setup the rack for B cam,
F cam, and so on.  It would appear that a minimum of double this amount
would be safe to shoot, so that over the course of a year ( in the case of a
series) the framing "leader" has a chance of staying relatively unscathed
after having been reloaded and retransferred  literally hundreds of times.
Course this would just be a safety issue for a one-off commercial, or a
relatively short MOW-type run of 6 weeks.
     An ancillary question:  how critical would it be to most shooters to be
a shade out of rack with respect to the various test films that transferists
can use to set up the "pan" basemems that we start with.  To rephrase, a
telecine can be set up to reproduce framing that is consistent with SMPTE or
Academy extraction for various applications, ie video release, theatrical
release (centering for optical tracks), super35 for optical print, and so
on.  How important is it to be "on" those framings?  Only when the image is
infringing on the perfs?  I'd like to get a sense of what kind of play one
would find in positioning a ground glass, and when the alarm bell should go

Joe Owens
Studio Post

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