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DVD Piracy

This was on the net today. I've edited it for obvious reasons. 

DVD Piracy: It Can Be Done
by Andy Patrizio

The worst fear of movie studios has been realized: DVD movie encryption has
been broken.
A utility called (name removed) is currently floating around on the Net that
will read a DVD movie disc and save the file on a hard disk, minus the
The hack opens up illicit online trading of DVD movies, although minus
DVD-ROM's interactive elements and outstanding audio/visual quality.
The utility, written by two European programmers requesting anonymity, uses
DVD playback code found in software-based DVD playback utilities.  Every
player has a DVD copy protection decoder for playback, just like the
hardware decoder in DVD players from Toshiba, Sony, and other consumer
electronics devices.
One programmer who had a peripheral involvement in (name removed)
development thinks piracy from this utility is a non-issue. "There have been
DVD ripping tools available for months," said Derek Fawcus, a programmer in
England. "Among the things you can find are explicit instructions and
software for making VCD copies of DVDs. (name removed) is simply the latest
in a line of methods of doing this."
DVD supporters are not thrilled by the development. "It was like pulling
teeth to get the major studios to all commit to standard DVD in the first
place," said Jeff McNeal, webmaster of The Big Picture, a home theater
enthusiast site. "I consider this a disturbing development and only hope
that it doesn't curtail studio commitment to DVD as we know it today."

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