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DVD Piracy

>The worst fear of movie studios has been realized: DVD movie encryption has
>been broken.

Once again, it has been demonstrated that copy protecting an item which is
then sold at retail is a totally useless exercise. Macrovision on tape has
been broken, the ill-fated DIVX pay per view was on the verge of being
broken, many DVD players can be modified so that the region coding is
ignored, and now this. Those who don't study history etc etc.

Studies of the marketing aspect of these things have clearly and repeatedly
shown that the only way to stop people (who would otherwise buy the
product) from copying it is to make the product sufficiently inexpensive
that copying it becomes tediously annoying. Who in their right mind would
spend the time to download four gigabytes of files when they could buy the
original totally intact with all features for twelve bucks?

Instead of paying to develop new protection schemes (the developers being
the only people who actually ever profit from this nonsense), just drop the
price to "impulse item" level at the checkout stand. At eight to fifteen
bucks a pop, this stuff will fly off the shelves. 

This philosophy applies to the great American music machine as well:
they've invested a fortune in some new and laughable protection scheme
which was broken less than a week after they started shipping titles using
it. If the retail price of CDs doesn't drop to single digits very soon, a
lot of the big music boys and girls are simply going to be out of business.


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