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Re: DVD Piracy

Paul Grace wrote:
> This was on the net today. I've edited it for obvious reasons.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> DVD Piracy: It Can Be Done
> by Andy Patrizio

Hallelujah - Three cheers! 

I'm glad about this because the opposite of Piracy is Highway Robbery
(which also used to be a Capital offence punishable by Hanging in

So what is Highway Robbery and what has it to do with DVD's - It's the
price that these extremely sensitive poor studios in Hollywood like to
charge for their DVD's (19:50 That's Nineteen Ponds and Fifty pence)
Which is $31:00 in US money. 

How come they can charge these extortionate prices? Well simple they put
a little chip in your player so it can only play discs bought in your
country, they then set up an agreement with all their customers whereby
they surprisingly all charge the same price for their DVD's.

Solution - I have got one of those illegal all code players and buy my
DVD's over the web from the US for $19:00 either that or buy from the
pirates not the highway man!



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