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Re: DVD Piracy

> Solution - I have got one of those illegal all code players and buy my
> DVD's over the web from the US for $19:00 either that or buy from the
> pirates not the highway man!

Nigel, if you work in this business (and I believe that based on your
address, you do) I don't know how you can possibly take this attitude. While
the internet is providing the world with e-commerce alternatives, the rise
of such "techniques" as piracy can and might eventually destroy all business
as we know it, especially ours. How many people do you think it requires to
run an e-commerce business as opposed to a retail one? Have you ever
considered how many jobs are going to be lost if this trend continues?
Technology exists because companies pour billions of dollars into its
development. They do not do this so that pirates can steal their efforts,
but so that there can be a return on their monumental investment in its
development. If there's no money to be made, business will cease to exist.
When an American studio distributes internationally, there are costs
involved in the internationalization of the product that go considerably
beyond region encoding on DVD's. There are language consideration, packaging
considerations, tariffs to be paid, distribution agreements to be met, and a
hell of a lot of additional accounting to be done. I'm no fan of the studios
either (can you say "runaway production?"), but to support piracy in favor
of legitimate distribution methods (where the price is determined,
basically, by supply and demand) is to be an enemy of the very industry you
earn your living in.

Mike Most

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