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Re: DVD Piracy

On Thu, 04 Nov 1999 10:06:27 -0800, you wrote:
>> Solution - I have got one of those illegal all code players and buy my
>> DVD's over the web from the US for $19:00 either that or buy from the
>> pirates not the highway man!
> to support piracy in favor
>of legitimate distribution methods (where the price is determined,
>basically, by supply and demand) is to be an enemy of the very industry you
>earn your living in.
There are two separate issues here.

Nigel says he buys the stuff from the US and has a player that will play
those titles. This means it is he and not the studios who determines when
he may have the privilege of watching their product. He is not stealing
anything. He is encouraging the studios to generate more titles by buying
existing ones.

The second issue is your statement that pricing on DVDs (and presumably VHS
as well as music CDs) is determined by supply and demand. Nothing could be
further from the truth. Studios and music companies regularly determine
what the minimum selling price for an item will be, and let it be known
that any reseller not toeing that line will be cut off from further supply
of product. Just how are market forces at work there?

In about five years (or less), devices to copy DVDs at home and the
appropriate blank media will be at the price point that CD burners (under
$200) and blanks (around $1) are now. What do you think will happen then?
WIll the industry amass a war chest and buy a sufficient number of
Congressmen to enact legislation killing the recorders the way the music
industry killed off DAT for home use? Or will they wake up and figure out
that lowering the price of an easily replicated commodity item is the way
to go?  Gee, I wonder.

When burners are outlawed, only outlaws will have burners.


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