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Re: DVD Piracy

 Some one wrote:
> Solution - I have got one of those illegal all code players and buy my
> DVD's over the web from the US for $19:00 either that or buy from the
> pirates not the highway man!

Some one replied
>When an American studio distributes internationally, there are costs
>involved in the internationalization of the product that go considerably
>beyond region encoding on DVD's. There are language consideration, packaging
>considerations, tariffs to be paid, distribution agreements to be met,
and a
>hell of a lot of additional accounting to be done.

Both raise interesting points. I must stress that In my humble opinion
buying from pirates is wrong. WRONG WRONG WRONG. While someone may make
a copy of a legally purchased item for their own use. Selling that copy,
even at no profit is called theft. theft is a crime. it is wrong. the
fact that you save money by not paying the exorbitant and unfair prices
does not make it right. Since this is the TIG list look at it this way,
suppose you were the colorist on a job, and someone else took credit for
your work, would that be right or wrong? Suppose they got paid for your
efforts, would that be right or wrong? Suppose your client was
approached by someone who copied the master tapes you had been colorist
on and offered them for less, would that be right or wrong?

I was going to do a blue jeans analogy, but the if you buy blue jeans
here, you can wear them there, which apparently mostly you can't do with
DVD ( which is stupid). However If a product is overpriced, then don't
buy it. If a products use is more restrictive than your wishes, don't
buy it. 
Granted an oversimplification.

Steven Gladstone
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