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re:DVD Piracy

This is not an issue of Piracy but merely Globalisation. If I want to order a legitimate R1
copy of 'Saving private Ryan' on the internet I am not committing any crime. The fact that
my 'home' market charges twice the price for disks, has inferior content and choice and is often cut
by the censors merely encourages me to buy (legally) from the States. American consumers don't know
how lucky they are. They have more choice, better content, cheaper prices for electronic goods
in general. If I were a studio I would be more concerned about piracy on the internet, only
today it was reported that 'The world is not enough' (new bond flick) can be downloaded and it hasn't
even opened yet!
On a slightly different note 'Saving Private Ryan' is one of the first disks to be mastered on a 'C-reality' I believe (and an excellent transfer) and like other disk titles
titles done on a 'Spirit' it is interesting to see that this hi-end technology is filtering down into the marketing of DVD's - Spirit/C-Reality becoming  buzzwords for the ordinary consumers.
Stuart Fyvie