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Re: yes

On 1999-10-19 at 08:32, gerlof kamerling (gerruby2 at hotmail.com) wrote:

> b)uuhhh  at least those manufacturers phoned, wich is a step in right 
> direction i think.I suggest that Rob publishes a best of the tig book
> we all buy it and then from the profit send those thin skinned manufacturers 
> to senitivity training.

(as you can tell I'm a bit behind on email- a little vacation time got
in the way) 

"Best of the TIG"... that sounds great!  Also, a fulltime job for at
least a month.  Anyone proposing jobs that take me more than a
reasonable (read: in leisure hours) amount of time I've always
enjoined to the task themselves.  It's *all* available on the web
archives.  Gerlof?

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