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Re: C-Reality in Chicago at i^3

On 1999-10-19 at 13:00, Dennis Morton (dmorton at 525studios.com) wrote:

>                       525 Engineering Email
>                           12:10 PM                          10/19/99
>                       Re: [TIG] C-Reality in Chicago  at  i^3
> Ok, yes our well known Commercial Colorist did work at another place up the road and he did have a CReality and he did like it very much.  That other place already had a Spirit when the CReality arrived.  They are a very big company, so it may have moved to another office or was returned, I do not know.  One of their west side companies has five Spirits, as of two weeks ago.  I think they have two Spirits these days, but I could be wrong.  
> When he joined 525 he very much wanted a CReality, even when a Spirit was offered to him.  He believed very much in the quality potential of the CReality. 
> After several months of software upgrades and promises, he finally had to admit that the CReality was at its peak, for now.  The machine did not scratch, break or in any way harm film.  It was, in general, reliable.  It is the best machine Cintel has ever manufactured.  The Cintel Inc. people in Valencia did there very best to keep it going for us.  
> It had a few problems with software, it did have a CRT fail one morning at the start of a session, it was very hard to drive, yet overall, our Colorist was very happy with the quality of the pictures he was getting.  It is a very quiet machine and has a lot of potential.  Unfortunately, it also drifts, even in a constant temperature room.  

As administrator here sometimes my comments are given a little more
weight than they should so I'll not voice my own opinions (I've worked
for the past year on a Spirit).  I've unfortunately not had the
pleasure of working on a C-R.  However, I think in general the client
preference for the Spirit is a bit too simple...  Is there any chance
(Mr.  Festa?)  there could be a 'shootout' on a well-tuned C-R and
Spirit, same colorist same film same facility, with as many of the
complex issues entertained?  We'd be very careful about the 'rules'
for such a demonstration, I'm sure.

--Rob (please excuse if this message addresses points brought up in
later discussion.)

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