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nondelivery info, contributions to the TIG

if anyone has been wondering why they have missed getting 
certain messages, I've discovered the problem.  The /usr3 file system
has, from time to time, filled up on sun.alegria.com and it causes
the message spooling to stop dead (as it should, or the system would
crash).  What I've got to do is a) get a bigger drive or another
drive b) move all those alt.binaries.pictures..... files to another
machine or c) hope the problem is gone.

Now that brings up a special point.  I'm not currently in a position
to afford a new drive, because incoming contributions are only up to
30% or so of the connection cost for the TIG this year.  That's not
to say some fine people have not made some generous contributions,
but.... strangely enough, in 1998 I just about broke even, and in
1999 I'm way behind.  What it means, in my current position, is that
I have two choices:  1) drop the TIG or sell it (?) 2) sell
alegria.com and get a life 3) go with DSL and shadow IP and figure
some significant downtime, and say goodbye to my multiple/virtual
domain hosting (which I do for free for friends).  For what I'm doing
now, a Class C block of IP addresses is almost a requirement, and the
TIG benefits from the partial T1 connection.

So, if you'd like the TIG to continue, I'd really appreciate a
contribution, you can decide yourself what to send, though some
guidelines are at the http://www.alegria.com/tig3/info.html#money
paragraph.  (including address information).  If you're in a foreign
land, credit cards are accepted via Kagi, and if a cheque is sent from
another country, make sure it's in your native currency, for some
reason Bank of America will not accept foreign checks in US Dollars.

I really enjoy this group (until I have 3 weeks of messages to catch
up on that is) and working on it, we have a strong base of wise and
fascinating personalities to continue to expose.

Rob Lingelbach        "I would give nothing for that man's religion
rob at alegria.com        whose very dog and cat are not the better for it."
http://www.alegria.com          --Abraham Lincoln

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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