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Re: Boring pedantic point

On 1999-10-20 at 09:24, Bill Topazio (bt at mte.com) wrote:

> Also, I think K is degrees Kelvin and Potassium, k is just about 
> everything else, like the Boltzmann Constant, kilo-, etc.

hey, you must have the same book I have, the "Pocket Reference".
Gives every conversion table and basic physics/chemistry data chart
imaginable.  If instead this is from your brain, I nominate you for
the next Tweaker award.  (is "degrees Kelvin" is redundant?
I thought Kelvin already included the notion of degrees).


> Hey, if we can't wax pedantic on the TIG, where can we?  We'd all 
> have to go over to Mike-O's house!

try waxing pedantic after 4 pitchers of Margaritas.  The pedant turns
to slang and perversion.

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