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Re: HD Safe Title?

I say again, safe aperature (a handfull of pixels around the edge) to allow for
processing is not the same as safe action and title. Although SMPTE has not
stated anything new or firm for HD, all the studio mastering requirements still
dictate that we meet the old standards of 10% and 20%. If masters come in with
titles outside these windows, they will be rejected!


Martin Euredjian wrote:

> I think it should be measured in pixels (8 to 16 or so?), certainly not 10%
> You need to "discard" a few pixels around the edges to account for devices
> that need to interpolate, extrapolate, imagine or mangle picture information
> over a few samples.
> I would like to believe that most TV sets capable of displaying HDTV should
> be able to be repeatable enough during fabrication to be able to guarantee
> seeing most of the image.

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