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keep those HDTV cards and letters coming

To everyone who replied to the HDTV survey so far... thank you. I've 
got about 40 responses in about 30 hours: a good average. To everyone 
else: please take the time to send me the survey. The more people who 
respond, the more meaningful will be the data.

I'm particularly interested in manufacturers, to compare what they 
are planning for against what end-users think is going to happen. If 
you work for the "Colossal  Behemoth" company, which makes fridges 
and toasters as well as television equipment, then ideally, your 
reply should just reflect your particular division. I've had a couple 
of interesting replies from manufrs, but not nearly enough..

I also need replies from people all over the world. If you are in 
Tierra del Fuego, and you think HDTV is a load of baloney, then fill 
in the survey, and send it to me. If you are doing TV in Cameroun, 
and you think it will be 100 years before HDTV hits the streets, I 
need to hear from you. I would like to have enough input from all the 
four corners of the globe to be able to draw some good regional 

So, if you want to be represented, or if you just want to gauge how 
other people are thinking, send me your survey data. I will only 
automatically send out the aggregate data to the people who sent me 
information, because I have all their return addresses. The surest 
way to get on the mailing list is to send me your info.

I'll be at SMPTE over the weekend, so I'm hoping to bump into many 
people in NYC whom I've only known by correspondence. Dont be 
surprised if the first words out of my mouth will be "have you filled 
in the survey?" even before the usual "what about a beer?". I'm 
paying close attention to the favored alcoholic beverage section of 
the survey, hoping to see some industry patterns. SMPTE should be the 
first test of the results!

Best to all.

Mike Orton

| "I do not distinguish by the eye, but by the mind,      |
|   which is the proper judge of the man."                |
|         Seneca. 8 B.C.- 65 A.D.                         |

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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