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Re: HD Safe Title?

>I say again, safe aperature (a handfull of pixels around the edge) to
>allow for processing is not the same as safe action and title.

Hmmm... let me reorganize my post to make it easier to understand:

1- Safe Title/Action exists only to allow TV manufacturers to be sloppy.

2- There are very few reasons for them to be sloppy these days.

3- Using currently available technology we have the ability to display
    each and every pixel (plasma, TFT, LCD, DMD).

4- I proposed that they should work with the same "safe aperture"
    specs we are forced to respect (due to digital signal processing

5- I further proposed that TV manufacturers should display the whole
    image and give the viewer access to a programmable edge
    crop facility.

That's it.  I never said that safe-aperture and safe-action/title were the
same thing . . .

Anyhow, since this is usually decided by the lowest-common-denominator
and/or lowest-bidder, I fully expect to have everyone waste 19% of the image
for no good reason.


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