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Who did it: Lagos Airport?

There's an outstanding new six part documentary series which started
on the British station Channel Four last week and will interest
everyone interested in aviation and exotic travel: Lagos Airport,
about Nigeria's premiere airport and largest city. With superb
photography and precisely color balanced it's transmitted in "Digital
Widescreen" (16x9 Digital Terrestrial and Digital Satellite).

It'll be another award winner for Channel Four at IBC 2000.

Anyone know who the crew were and where the post production was done?
Who did the color grading? Was the transfer and post production work
done locally in Lagos? Quite a lot of broadcasting and facilities
equipment has been sold there over the years so I imagine the crew
would make use of the local facilities. Maybe someone on the list from
Nigeria can fill us in.

The second instalment will be shown on Thursday at 9pm: set your
video recorders with PDC code 7835.

For me it's the TV highlight of the season. For those outside Nigeria
and the UK no doubt this series will make its way around the world.

Timothy Ballenger
Vide-Cine Ltd
292 Streatham High Road
London SW16

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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