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3 days left for the last TIG survey before the millenium!

OK not if the millenium starts in 2001.  We've had a really good 
response to the TIG HDTV survey so far, but need about another 25 or 
so for the statistics to be completely meaningful.

There have been VERY FEW replies from you folks in Western Europe: 
Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal. Also 
none from South Africa, Central Africa or North Africa; also 
surprisingly few from the Asian countries.

So: if you want your view represented: send us your completed survey. 
Even if you think HDTV is a load of rubbish, and it will be 100 years 
before anything happens in your area, your opinion counts.

One thing which has come up so far is how many people hope to use 
HDTV as a way into film effects. If you are a film-only house, we'd 
be interested to know what you think about this.

Replies needed no later than Sunday, 28th November. The project is 
due in class on Tuesday night!

Thank you hugely.

Mike Orton

| "I do not distinguish by the eye, but by the mind,      |
|   which is the proper judge of the man."                |
|         Seneca. 8 B.C.- 65 A.D.                         |

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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