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FW: HD Safe Title?

>> Has anyone set any sort of High Definition standard for those old
familiar production considerations, Safe Title and Safe Action.  

We asked this question a lot when designing our HD Graticule Generator and
got a lot of varying answers.  In the end what seems to prevail is that when
HD work is being done care has to be taken what the 4 x 3 center area will
look like for NTSC downconversions, so the standard 90% SA/ 80% ST is what
many are still adhering to.  

For 16 x 9 work that translates to 90/80 % of the clean aperture (SMPTE RP
187 says SA/ST should be with respect to the clean aperture, although they
don't define what the numbers should be)

For 4 x 3 areas it should be 90/80 % of the picture height with a width
proportional to 1.33 aspect ratio.

These are the numbers we ended up using in our HD Graticule Generator while
we all await SMPTE's revision of RP 27.3 and RP 187.


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