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25 fps film in the US

Hello all,
    We have a client that wants to shoot 25 FPS in the US with some
flourescent light sources. I know that there are flicker issues when
shooting 24 FPS w/50hz lights. Are there similar problems shooting 25
FPS w/60 hz lights. Our client is waiting for an answer, and we need
something more definitive than "it might work, why don't you shoot a
test". I figure if anyone can answer this they probably exist in the
collective brain trust of the TIG. Thanks.

Vince Forcier
Director of Engineering
Roland House, Inc.
2020 North 14th Street
Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201
mailto:vforcier at rolandhouse.com
703.525.7000 - Voice
703.525.7001 - Fax

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