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re: 25 fps film in the US

Vince Forcier wrote;

>Hello all,
>    We have a client that wants to shoot 25 FPS in the US with some
>flourescent light sources. I know that there are flicker

Hi Vince,

Questions like this come up so often that I wrote an FAQ some time ago.
Here is a small excerpt from that that hopefully will answer your question;

1.	Q;  	I'm shooting in the US for PAL video transfer and
distribution.  If I shoot 25 fps will I have flicker problems due to 60 Hz
power and lighting?

	A:	Not if you carefully select the correct shutter angle. "The
use of a 150 degree shutter will ABSOLUTELY get rid of all 60Hz flicker
when filming at 25 fps", quote from Dave Satin of SMA Video.

2.	Q;	I'm shooting in Europe (or some other region with 50Hz
power) for NTSC transfer and distribution.  If I shoot 24fps will I have
flicker problems due to the 50 Hz power and lighting?

	A;	Similar answer to #1 above however  please observe  "172.8
Degree shutter at 24 F.P.S. for shooting in countries with 50 Hz electric."
Quote from Steven Gladstone, cinematographer.

I trust the sources (both esteemed TIG members) but still the skeptic and
reality tester in me would always want to shoot a test first to make sure
all variables and unknowns are covered.

Best regards

Dave Corbitt
Support and Development Engineer
Innovation TK Ltd.
Madison, NJ

e-mail  <dfc47 at earthlink.net>

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