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On the subject of the dot-crawl and ring/vignette with the offchroma halo:
Whenever I have encountered scan-of-a-scan, like f'rinstance an old kine,
I've seen the moire beat like the dickens when the film is in motion, and
none in stop.  So extending this to modern negative screenshot, even if all
the refreshes and frame rates, etc., etc., are right, you are still scanning
something that is a product of a scan itself, this time compounded, likely,
by the presence of a shadow-mask.  My feeling that the colour fringe and
vignetted dip in the center of the picture was somehow related to the
grating behind the screen and the curvature of the screen itself.  I'd be
curious to know if this phenomenon is variable with invar masks, trinitron,
and/or flat/flat monitors.

Joe Owens
Studio Post

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