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Re: moire' ring

Bob Festa wrote;

...Like the rest of you I've seen enough dot com commercials to
>last me till eternity, or the superbowl (whichever comes first). The form
>usually involves comedy, and a host of screen shots of the offending website.
>Now to my question. Why do all of these location screen shots have a moving
>moire' pattern as well as a density "hole" usually surrounded by some type
>of magenta ring......


I've seen this and had to try to figure it out for my former company's
colorists and clients. It has to do with the different persistances of the
three phosphors used in color CRT's and the instantaneous nature of CRT
illumination. Probably the best thing you could do is suggest your clients
shoot an LCD computer screen instead of a traditional CRT screen. The LCD's
tend to remain turned on all the time instead of flickering with fast
persistence. It's a lot easier to photograph the LCD with it's long time
constant illumination of each frame rather than trying to capture the
scanning raster of a CRT. Let me know how this one works out.

Good luck.

Best regards


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