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Re: vision 48


           Roger Ebert wrote a review of the projector and an essay on 
digital projection.  It was very informative.  He does mention that the 
system can be loaded on existing projectors for 16/35 and can be leased for 
about $280 a month.  Two known/respected DPs (forgot their names) attended a 
demo with Ebert and were very amazed and satisfied.  They did a test shoot 
dealing with complicated subjects(panning across  fences, cars with writing 
on them moving etc) and the system responded very good( for example normally 
the fence would be blared and the letters unreadable, not with Vision48).  It 
can also be indie friendly and project at 24 if they can't afford showing at 
48fps.  Also you can change the projection rate between 24 and 48 while film 
is running to emphasize certain scens(interms of color pretty cool ehh). It 
was made by a company in San Luise Abispo and the patent is still pending so 
they can't release too much tech specs.  I think it might start gaining some 
exposure in the festival circuit in which new presentation tools are being 
tested like the overhyped DLP.  Personally I think it needs some major 
promotion/advertising to put it into circulation (Kodak will off course help 
them to sell more stock) but other guys who are for the digital projection 
(Digection) move will try to push it aside (Texas instrument, Uncle Lucas etc)

Hope this helps
Yousef Poursohi

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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