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shooting a Panasonic Plasma screen with 35 mm film ????

we would like to find out if it is possible to shoot a Panasonic Plasma
screen with 35 mm film with out having flicker on the film , so here are my
question  :
at what speed is the camera supose to shoot ?
what is the shutter angle ?
can we shoot whitout syncking the camera to the Plasma screen ?
And at what speed is the playback suppose to rool 24 f/s ( whit pull down )
or 30 f/s (whit out pull down ?

would appreciate a fast response if possible because we start shooting some
test  very soon !

P.S.  : sorry about my english i am better in french then english

e-mail :patrice at hybride.com
web page : www.hybride.com

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