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Re: Timecode and Neg matching

>Can anyone give me names of suitable software that can be used to
>match/track keycode with timecode for the purpose of neg matching and
>subsequent EDL creation.
>Also is any one aware of any keycode database software that can be run
>on an NT platform

Don't know about the second part of your question, but regarding the first:

Excalibur software which I think is a Brit product. Check with some 
of your labs over there as I hear it's in use by some of them (I have 
the name & number of a US distributor, so contact me if you need 
further info).

Slingshot from Trakker Technologies (www.trakkertech.com) at 310/647-3420.

Version 2.0.1 of FilmLogic,is available to be downloaded for trial 
purposes from their web-site at <http://www.filmlogic.com>.

I haven't used any of the above, because when we needed them we wrote 
our own. So tell us how it goes.

-Michael Walker
Director, Longform Editorial
Todd-AO Hollywood Digital

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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