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HDTV monitors now

I'm back to stir the coals.

Now that HDTV production is actually happening, I wonder how our esteemed
members are dealing with the current offerings of HD picture monitors. My
limited exposure to what is out there tells me that the manufacturers are
compromising colorimetry by not using ITU 709 phosphors (I've been told
that the major direct view HD monitor makers are using SMPTE -C phosphors
for practical reasons), are compromising image impact by not offering large
enough displays (HDTV, IMHO, needs to be BIG for full impact), and that
resolution capability of these expensive monitors is not really up to full

There apparently are some promising technologies sitting in the wings for
image display that may someday give us big, bright, sharp, colorimetrically
accurate pictures but I suspect that none of the alternative display
technologies can offer all the needed parameters (yet). (Alternatives that
come to mind are DLP, Plasma, GLV, ILA, etc.).

How about some feedback from the group?

Best regards

Dave Corbitt
Support and Development Engineer
Innovation TK Ltd.
Madison, NJ

e-mail  <dfc47 at earthlink.net>

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