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At 01:51 PM 01/11/2000 -0800, Bob Buckner wrote: 
Just a couple of thoughts on this. The TI web site lists specifications 
for the ECinema demonstrations thus far and recent showings have used a 
37mbit/sec wavelet compression on the image data. I also hear that 
QUALCOMM has developed a chip that does the decompression and decryption 
of 40 mbit/sec MPEG 4 compressed HD/Ecinema that is flawless. 
I can't imagine that HD DVD is all that far off. 

But for the fact that the above data rates are twice that of DTV, which is
itself twice that of current DVD technology.

Also, the TI 'specs' for compression are that of the Qubit (from Quvis)
disk recorder that was used in the demonstrations.  This machine uses
wavelet compression and allows user selectable compression ratio (or S/N
ratio as they refer to it).

These densities, as stated, would fill a DS3 pipe, and that does not come
cheap.......probably cheaper, though, than shippping a Qubit disk recorder
to every theater with material pre-loaded!


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