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EASTMAN 285 & Sony DXC-1820

Two questions here.

First, I have recently aquired an old Eastman 285 Telecine.  It arrived in worse shape than i was expecting. To make a long story short, i am in need of a service manual, schematics and/or an operation manual for this dinosaur. Also, can i get some opinions, experiences or wisdom form the masses here on the good points and the bad points, the capabilities and/or limitations on this Eastman 285 (assuming i bring it back to full operating condition)

Second, I have a very nice Sony DXC-1820 Single tube Video Camera that seems to work fine. I am planning om using this as a Source for a 16mm Kodachrome transfer. Would i be better shelving this an getting an old 3-Tube DXC-M3A ??  Would the 1820 suffice for such a transfer using the Eastman 285 ?  Yes, i know this is dinosaur equipment, but i have virtually no budget on this project, so....  Additionally, the 1820 functions fine, with poosibly once exception: after reaching operating temps, (approx. 2-4 minutes) the color bars Shut off (kind of a horiz. 'blinds' transition, to a black screen. The video is good and will run indefinately.

Any ideas?

Mike Lachance
Snow & Sports MultiMedia
Chandler, AZ

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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