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Film to Digital Choices

As I work my way through the Post Production planning on my current project (which will be all Non-Linear Post) I am debating Analog vs Digital Capture. As stated in a different thread, this is a 16mm Kodachrome source. Mostly Snowboarding.  With the budget i have to work with i am limited in hardware. Since quality is the highest priority i am debating using the DV500 Card (Pinnacle) This would be a no-loss archiving and output on PC, but would require (for quality) a Digital Video source such as the Canon GL-1 or Sony TRV-900. The Telecine Source will be an old Eastman 285 Telecine. Would I be wise to go this route for a High Quality Non-Linear Starting point on PC, or would I be better off using my current Sony DXC-1820 Analog Single-Tube Camera and buying a Targa 2000 Analog Board (Pinnacle Systems).  The Targa is more expensive than the DV500 but the Digital Cams are infinitely more expensive than my already owned DXC-1820 Analog Unit.
We need to get this ball rolling again since it has been on hold for the last 4 years.

Ideas, Suggestions, Picks, Pans?? 

With much appreciation,

Mike Lachance
Snow & Sports MultiMedia
Chandler, AZ

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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