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Re: ecinema

> Just a couple of thoughts on this.  The TI web site lists
> specifications
> for the ECinema demonstrations thus far and  recent showings have used
> a
> 37mbit/sec wavelet compression on the image data.

As already pointed out the recent "Toy Story 2" and "Bicentennial Man"
screenings employ a black box, a QuBIT, by a company called QuVIS.  This
box is storage and compression in one-  a proprietary incarnation of
wavelet compression where the user specs a S/N db and the system hits
that spec.  The bit rate is variable.  They are quality focussed.  The
bit rates can vary between 10 Mb/sec and 160 Mb/sec and even higher.

> I also hear that
> QUALCOMM has developed a chip that does the decompression and
> decryption
> of 40 mbit/sec MPEG 4 compressed HD/Ecinema that is flawless.
> I can't imagine that HD DVD is all that far off.

Flawless MPEG 4???  Isn't MPEG 4 designed for desk top, internet level
bit rates?  Speaknig of Qualcomm, has anybody heard anything from
Cinecomm lately?

-Robert Luciano

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