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Re: EASTMAN 285 & Sony DXC-1820

Hi Mike

TIG is a list devoted to the art of transferring motion picture film to
video for professional state of the art television and film applications.
The telecine systems which mainstream facilities around the world currently
utilize for this application cost a minimum of a couple million dollars to
build not to mention ongoing maintenance costs. Avid is a  NLE system and
not the TIG's centric focus. 

Your questions may be considered a little strange because the mainstream
post industry has never used crude film chains of the type you mentioned
for film to tape transfers.  RCA, Kodak and Ampex "film chain" type
telecine systems were used by broadcast TV stations to put 16mm and
sometimes 35mm film to air. However they have been phased out and replaced
by mostly CCD and flying spot telecines.  In fact most professional
manufacturers of film chain type of telecines discontinued building these
systems back in the late 1970's.  

Granted Ken's reply may have sounded patronizing but you should forgive his
comments. He is a respected colorist and reasonably good guy. I have known
him for several years and I am sure he did not mean to offend you. With all
due respect if you have a professional application for 16mm Kodachrome film
transfers in my opinion you would be wasting your money trying to rebuild
the Eastman 285 telecine. Even if you can get it working the quality will
be very poor and only suitable for home movies and not much else. 

Sorry I know that may not be what you wanted to hear. In any case best of
luck with your endeavor and hopefully someone on the list can provide you
with some further valuable advice.

Best Regards

Eric Mercer
Video Engineering Supervisor 
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