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Re: EASTMAN 285 & Sony DXC-1820

Thanks Eric,

I understand everything you are saying, and infact its nice to get insight,
thats why i am on this list. Even if what you say "may not be what i want to
hear" it is still USEFUL information, which is what this list is all about.

My reaction was to a USELESS INFORMATION reply, which obviously is what this
list is NOT about.  For what it's worth, the only reason i have the
Kodachrome stock is that its what i was given to transfer and work with. If
it was up to me and i had to shoot new stock, there is no way id use
K25....We can all agree (i think)  that EXR or any of the newer Daylight
Stocks are infinitely more appropriate and flexible.

There are telecine operators of all levels on this list, not just the high
dollar well paid ones. (and God knows they do EARN their pay)  What i am
looking for is the advice of proven professionals as to what i should best
do WITHIN my budget and WITHIN my material.  I know full well the
capabilities and workings of high end state of the art telecines and the
Colorists who use those tools to work wonders.  This list had my respect and
i only want to keep that respect.  I value the knowledge base and
professional opinion given here.

I do look forward to feedback on my 2 initial posts.  If anyone feels i am
wasting thier time, consider this:  There are no other avenues for this type
of advice and information available anywhere like the TIG list.  If no one
is willing to give alittle friendly advice to someone in need perhaps i am
wasting my time.  And that'd be one strike for Creativity and Inspiration in
this industry and Filmaking in general  and one home run for Status Quo and
Elitism.  We all have to start somewhere.



>Hi Mike
>TIG is a list devoted to the art of transferring motion picture film to
>video for professional state of the art television and film applications.
>The telecine systems which mainstream facilities around the world currently
>utilize for this application cost a minimum of a couple million dollars to
>build not to mention ongoing maintenance costs. Avid is a  NLE system and
>not the TIG's centric focus.

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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