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Re: EASTMAN 285 & Sony DXC-1820

Dear Lachance (and all)

Oh no, looks another of the TIG's famous 'English, from around the
world, language' misunderstandings. I was more feeling sorry
for you than anything else.  In my 20 years or so transfering film,
especially on old MK3 Jumpscans, I wondered sometimes if we did more
engineering than anything else.  So when you mentioned all the equipment you
were trying to put together my heart went out to you!

If I were more local to you, I would have to tried to
offer 'dry hire' of less tricky equipment or something.  Taking a wild
guess you might get a better result doing a technical one light on a more
modern telecine and then tape to tape colour correct after scene
selection......  Exactly how much film do you have? It must be a SERIOUS quantity.  Also
I am sure that you are in no need of the tricks that we use to change the
look of the film, so very high end transfer would not be needed.

From what I know of the older types of telecines on
the market, $30k or less buys you a stand alone Mk3 digi IV, so anything older
or less sophisticated would be far less...  e.g. FDL60, MK3 digi 1/2/3.

Good luck.

Ken (feeling a lot warmer now) Robinson
Copenhagen, Denmark.

"Quantum Mechanics:  The dreams stuff is made of."

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> If the below grovel is a fair representation of the
gene pool of the
i will unsubscribe myself rapidly.
> My apologies for having an interest in Post but not
having a $70K
Studio at my fingertips.
> Lachance
> >Wow Mike, is this a hobby?
> >
> >Why doesn't someone help him out with a cheap
hourly rate in
exchange for
> >the Dinosaur!  Might make a good museum piece!
> >
> >Ken Robinson
> >Copenhagen, Denma

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Ken Robinson
Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Quantum Mechanics:  The dreams stuff is made of."