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Re: EASTMAN 285 & Sony DXC-1820

Christopher Bacon wrote:

> If you get all of this together, you should be able to obtain images which will
> look like '70s TV  [...] This would confound the hell out of those who equate the
> cost of their equipment with the value of what comes out of it.

A flurry of new messages in TIG today: I find Mike Lachance's question on the
Eastman 285, followed by eight messages discussing the appropriateness of his
endeavor and/or questons. Then I arrive at the sole exemplary response, from Chris
Bacon, loaded with hard-to-find facts and advice.

I feel compelled to inject a word here, that this is what makes such mail-lists so
valuable (although the occasional straying into levity provides occasional relief
and entertainment). It's not only because I work with Chris at Du Art these days
that I must say I can see why his 1999 NAB Tweaker Award was well-deserved indeed.
(He has also, BTW, offerred me sound info on the antique ham radio gear I've found
in my basement.) Also, I solicit advice for my old PDP-11 computers in mail-lists
devoted to that purpose, where no one suggests I chuck them and get a Pentium
(though I'm not suggesting a sub-list for archaic equipment).

Let's keep the information flowing, current and "legacy".

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