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Re: Film to Digital Choices

Mike Lachance wrote:

> The Targa is more expensive than the DV500 but the Digital Cams are infinitely more expensive than my already owned DXC-1820 Analog Unit.

The Targa2000, at $3500, is indeed much more expensive than the $200 digital input card. But this analog solution required to use your existing analog camera is also more expensive than many popular digital cameras, which can be had in the $1600-2000 range. The digital method also offers the advantages of lossless transfer and editing, FireWire I/O (eliminating the need for any digitial I/O card at all, should you ever upgrade to a G3/4 Mac with integral FireWire I/O, which is provided on many digi-cams), and future compatibility. As much as I respect application of "legacy" equipment, it's best to spend money on resources with continued value.

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