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Re: Film to Digital Choices

>From: Robert Lund <lundo at interport.net>
>The digital method also offers the advantages of lossless transfer and
>editing, FireWire I/O (eliminating the need for any digitial I/O card 
>at all, should you ever upgrade to a G3/4 Mac with integral FireWire 
>I/O, which is provided on many digi-cams)

Hey now, THAT is a good reason to go Mac! But in the PC world I am a prisoner in, the Pinnacle DV500 card offers up alot of production power above a simple Firewire interface.  But then again,,...perhaps a G3 would be nice......hmmmmmm
Also the DV500 card runs about $900 and the Canon GL-1 can be had for about $2000.  

That alone is a better investment than an analog Targa2000 for $4500 !!!

Thanks to TIG i am steadlity steering to the digital end of the telecine source.  I feel much more informed now!  

FYI the film stock i will be working with is one reel of roughly 45 minutes of 16mm pos.

I estimate i will post it down to 15-20 minutes, not including any afterthoughts added later from new source.

Keep those comments coming!

Mike Lachance
Snow & Sports MultiMedia

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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