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Re: EASTMAN 285 & Sony DXC-1820

Regarding some tech detail stuff, i just want to be sure about this:

>If I remember correctly, the Eastman 285 was a modified 
 16mm Kodak Pageant projector.    

Perhaps i'm unfamiliar with the Pageant Unit, but the Eastman 285 is about 5 feet tall and weighs upwards of 250 pounds.  Was the pageant the same internals? The 285 uses (3) vacuum tubes and has a Two Lamp rotating carousel (for broadcast redundancy?) 

>The 285 was commonly used in educational and industrial settings, but 
 it was a bit lightweight for broadcast use. 

The 285 was a Television Broadcast Telecine used primarily in TV Studios.  Once again, i only say this to make sure that if i do need parts i can salvage off of of a Pageant. Dont want there to be any confusion as to what the 285 is/was.  Does this info help? 

>the other hand, unless it's been run into the gound, a three tube 
 camera will produce better sharpness and color separation, and less 
 lag than a single tube model. 

I think i am going to use a Canon GL-1 Full Digital w/ firewire 3CCD Camera for the image pick-up. this Camera allows a 30fps fullframe capture using a high res and opticaly (not electronically) stabilized input BEFORE reaching the CCD.  at this point i can bring it directly into the PC.  I believe the GL-1 will allow enough image adjustment to end up with a good image throughout the run. (full manual controls are a plus) 

>you should be able to obtain images which will 
 look like '70s TV: soft, blurry, no detail in the highlights, 
 murky lowlights, and unnatural, possibly oversaturated colors.    

I am aiming at something far better than blurry murky and unnatural. I am not so sure i will be limited that much, but then again, time will indeed tell. Personally i am much more optimistic, but who knows! 

I want to avoid any "-to-tape" until the final duping-off of retail copies.  I think if i keep the telecine'd source digital (PC) from its birth to its final laying to rest (VHS retail copy) i will be better off. After all, no Digital Betacam to post with here! 

>With any luck, you'll start a new trend which 
>might be called LDTV (low definition TV 

That was funny.  scary, but funny. 
Thanks Chris!!! 

Mike Lachance 
    (feeling MUCH better now) 

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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