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going down (was: Re: EASTMAN 285)

On 2000-01-11 at 18:55, Mike Lachance (boarderguy at digitaltheater.com) wrote:

> consider this:  There are no other avenues for this type
> of advice and information available anywhere like the TIG list.

thanks Mike.

alegria.com will be down starting this Friday, until I can manage to
get it going again from a new location.

Rich Torpey has offered to set up a list server at his domain; Rich,
you are hereby confirmed as interim maintainer and you can get the
subscriber lists from Dave Tosh (dlt at earthlink.net).  

Sorry everyone for the disruption but life gets in the way of work
sometimes.. as Dom Rom will know after he talks to me :].  

I hope I can be back up within a couple of months; in the meantime it
is possible that Rich and I can work together somewhat to make the new
implementation as good as the old (antispam, etc.).  

hopefully Rich can be up asap with an interim, new TIG address.

TIG admin

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