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Re: Film to Digital Choices

Rober Lund writes-
>FireWire I/O (eliminating the need for any digitial I/O card at all, should
you ever >upgrade to a G3/4 Mac with integral FireWire I/O, which is
provided on many digi->cams), and future compatibility. As much as I respect
application of "legacy" >equipment, it's best to spend money on resources
with continued value.
An all digital pipeline on a budget can be bought from Sony for far less.
Their current desktop "digital studio" line can be had for under $1000 with
2 IEEE-1394 inputs (front and back!) and depending on which of their digital
cameras you buy, they are offering a $100 rebate, which will more than cover
the cable to direct connect the camera to the CPU.
I just put together a home production set up like this for under $2000,
since I was willing to trade out the CD burner and a larger hard-drive on a
discontinued model number. I'll be able to master to DVD if I buy a DVD
burner, or record onto the camera.
If your distribution will accept DV quality, and if your original is on
film, they certainly might, it is pretty impressive can be done on a
consumer desktop today.
Patrick Gregston
The Picture Works
Patrick at pictureworks.net

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