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Re: going down

Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> alegria.com will be down starting this Friday, until I can manage to
> get it going again from a new location.
> Rich Torpey has offered to set up a list server at his domain

    To Rob and Rich,
    I'd just like to express my thanks and best wishes not only for the
interim alegria will be down but to Rob for all the work that has to be
done to maintain a forum like this and to Rich for stepping in when he
was needed.
    The TIG has been a great revelation to me since I discovered it some
years ago.  It has helped keep me on top of new developments in the
field and given me the chance to virtually meet my colleagues in this
fascinating field.  
    Thank you again Rob; I hope you quickly move through life's current
turmoil and rejoin us on the other side.  Thanks for giving us this
collective voice.

Bob Lovejoy

Thanks to Seamus O'Kane for support in 1999
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