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Re: going down

Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> alegria.com will be down starting this Friday, until I can manage to
> get it going again from a new location.
> Rich Torpey has offered to set up a list server at his domain; Rich,
> you are hereby confirmed as interim maintainer and you can get the
> subscriber lists from Dave Tosh (dlt at earthlink.net).
> hopefully Rich can be up asap with an interim, new TIG address.
We should be able to get a quick version up and running very shortly. If
David can get me the subscriber list today I could have
"tig at image-group.com" running this evening (simple list - no archives).
But, I'll need to do it today - Saturday I'm off to sunny Norway til
midweek [in January :-(  ] 

Rich Torpey  (Entropy Rules!)  
MTI/The Image Group
305 East 46 St.
New York,NY 10017
(212) 548-4400

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